STSVITABITAT is a new concept of housings with services in order that the major people enjoy the lif...

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STSVITABITAT is a new concept of housings with services in order that the major people enjoy the life with total independence and autonomy.
STSVITABITAT wants to offer the possibility of enjoying a major quality of life for 55-year-old major people and for this reason we offer an integral set of services, in a familiar environment, with a personal and human deal.

Vitabitat Salou is a set of 77 housings of between 45 and 80 m2 with several services to do the life more comfortable. The owner can organizes the flat depending on his needs.
They are intelligent buildings where the inmotic is vital to control and to manage the energy of the housings and the safety / assistance of the persons who live inside. It incorporates systems of information in the whole building, automated control, monitoring, management and maintenance of the different subsystems or services of the building.

In relation to this, it is provided to the housings among other aspects, with advisers of medical emergency in all the house’s dependences, alarm of water fugue, intrusion alarm and sensor of presence in the entry. Furthermore, it has magnetic sensors in the windows that allow also a saving of energy since the system of air conditioning is disconnected in the moment that opens some window itself.


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